Sunday, April 29, 2007

Need to grow up !

Met four batchmates after a long long time. I was wondering after I agreed to go if it would be awkward and if the conversation would be very stilted. I was not close to two of them on campus, infact in my circle of friends they were perceived as shallow (how ridiculous it seems now !).

We met at zenzi - what amazed was the genuine warmth with which couple of them met me. The conversation flowed as did the red wine. Food got ordered, legs got pulled, reminisced about common friends ... The evening was very enjoyable and left me wondering. I need to change.

Some common issues which plague both my personal & professional life need to be addressed and I need to live life to the fullest. I neeed to get out of the timewrap.

Am back !!

When I saw the date of my last post today, it was quite a shock. More than six months have elapsed since I last wrote a post. It wasn't as if I had nothing to write ... Anyways have decided to be back online