Saturday, October 28, 2006

The dilemma

Months of effort finally sees the light of day. It was a emotional rollercoaster in more ways than one - but I truly believe what we have delivered is unique and outstanding. It will perhaps remain one of the key achievements for all of us for some time.

But have been asked to choose at this juncture and am faced with the dilemma :

Option 1 : play from strength - ask for bigger role potentially be really successful - work with people you are already comfortable with - have a bit more time to yourself - risk getting bored if things don't pan out as planned

Option 2 : work for something which looks really interesting - the politics could get very murky - most people you will work with you don't gel with - spend crazy amount of time at work - you will have fun and could end up doing something worthwhile in all senses - risk is the fizz dies and you end up being caught in no man's land

Hmmm - go by the gut ?? !!

Making choices like these are optional plays especially in an uncertain environment and the predicator is really undeterminable

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The touch

I seem to have lost the touch. Not sure whats happened. Though I am doing really well on all fronts, miss the touch in both personal & professional life. I am not sure if I am making sense.

Professionally I used to hit the right note every time immediately now it has become a tedious & iterative process. Similarly in personal life not sure when was the last time someone hit on me.

I am not sure if its me or just the changing circumstances - dont like this. I want my touch back.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Talk to me

long time since i blogged. its been a tough few months. work seems to have taken over life.

Last Saturday was this series of rendezvous - after ages was up all night - which did not involve dancing and/or drinking. Random movie actually real trash (but for a change didnt mind it too much) Emily kept on saying horrible, trash etc while TC & FB where giggling away to glory - these two boys know how to enjoy things without trying to intelectualize . After a lot of what should we do next - landed up at Sun & Sand coffee shop - these juhu places seem from a totally diff time & age - really loud ppl though - holiday inn coffee shop has started a cover charge of around 200 bucks can you believe it. While TC & Emily left for Bandra i stayed back - Long chat with juhu boy at his home - its so weird that he still doesn't have a key for his home and u need to enter from the rear door after waking the maid - we find it very easy to talk to each other, in some ways he knows more about me than others. Had to leave as K was putting senti to meet him at Lands End - the lobby place bar had shut down - and we pondered over choices like coffee, chamomile, coke etc and sank into the sofa - we talked and talked ordered food talked till around 5 - when we went for a walk at bandstand and finally home.
It was nice to really talk after such a long time. It has been snatched conversations for sometime or just a lot of silly talk with the gang.