Sunday, October 22, 2006

Talk to me

long time since i blogged. its been a tough few months. work seems to have taken over life.

Last Saturday was this series of rendezvous - after ages was up all night - which did not involve dancing and/or drinking. Random movie actually real trash (but for a change didnt mind it too much) Emily kept on saying horrible, trash etc while TC & FB where giggling away to glory - these two boys know how to enjoy things without trying to intelectualize . After a lot of what should we do next - landed up at Sun & Sand coffee shop - these juhu places seem from a totally diff time & age - really loud ppl though - holiday inn coffee shop has started a cover charge of around 200 bucks can you believe it. While TC & Emily left for Bandra i stayed back - Long chat with juhu boy at his home - its so weird that he still doesn't have a key for his home and u need to enter from the rear door after waking the maid - we find it very easy to talk to each other, in some ways he knows more about me than others. Had to leave as K was putting senti to meet him at Lands End - the lobby place bar had shut down - and we pondered over choices like coffee, chamomile, coke etc and sank into the sofa - we talked and talked ordered food talked till around 5 - when we went for a walk at bandstand and finally home.
It was nice to really talk after such a long time. It has been snatched conversations for sometime or just a lot of silly talk with the gang.

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