Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The touch

I seem to have lost the touch. Not sure whats happened. Though I am doing really well on all fronts, miss the touch in both personal & professional life. I am not sure if I am making sense.

Professionally I used to hit the right note every time immediately now it has become a tedious & iterative process. Similarly in personal life not sure when was the last time someone hit on me.

I am not sure if its me or just the changing circumstances - dont like this. I want my touch back.


closetalk said...

hey guppie boy - the touch will come back. more like, uve just misplaced it, rather than lost it. it comes back when u least xpect it. and dats de beauty of it. ;-)
and yes, the movie WAS fun. lets do it again this sat.

Ameet said...

Give it time - it'll be back!

Prasann said...

Is it back yet? if not, it will be. We all go through these 'phases'.