Sunday, June 10, 2007


Went to voodoos last night with K, CT & Emily. It is a strange place - its so seedy. But its the only place. I had decent fun. I was a little high and the music was not bad so danced, flirted with a few guys. There is no place like that in Mumbai. Wonder given the money they charge why cant they spruce it up a little and maybe more ppl would start coming. On the other hand thats just one night in the week - for the rest his clientele is very different.

Today evening K and I were sitting in JATC we could see people at the gb meet. Not been to one for sometime now. K was wondering if it serves any purpose now. I clearly think so - the conversation made me go to the gb mailing list. A newbie had written a meet report and it pretty much sums up why it all makes sense -

"I stepped out of the rick. This is the moment when my heart started pumping blood faster as I saw a group of men chatting in front of CCD. I had seen a man wearing a GB TShirt. However, I was puzzled as they looked completely like common people to me. So I stood there with a question mark over my head, not knowing how to go forward ...

... We often ask ourselves. Why Me? But when we come to the GB meet and interact with people, we find, IT IS NOT JUST ME "

This feeling of ordinariness, of familiarity, of comfort, of friendliness, of oneness really helps. People move on but I am glad it survives - despite the increased information/ communication options available online. Thanks to all those who make it possible.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Back to Mumbai

I am back from my trip. Italy was just awesome. It is amazing to see more than 2000 years of history, beautiful coastlines, lovely people ...

Back home - the weather is horribly hot and muggy - hope it starts raining soon.