Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lazy weekend

Why don't you blog more often - a common refrain from my three readers ! Well its a combination of a) laziness, b) hectic schedules & c) boring lifestyle. No adventures/conquests to talk about, no decadence to flaunt, no ire to vent and no earth shattering dilemmas to resolve. Just another week.

saw 4 movies this weekend - ranging from interesting to downright shoddy. the River with the formula of intersecting lives; which was executed with more power in Amores Perros; had amazing production values & touching performances. Latter days a flaky movie which was great fun.
Last night was supposed to be a night out at jazz but ended up being dvd night with a couple of friends. TC and i had breakfast at crepe station - i overate am going fatter by the day. Need to go on a diet asap. After ages was naughty again - well it was meaningless so what, right !

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Six degrees - not in my worlds !

Went for Anand's kids' birthday party, he is the only person I know who calls his work colleagues, family, in laws & college friends for the same party and leaves it to them to get along...
After the kids had left with their entourage of maids and/or drivers the pertinent question was raised- so what will everyone have to drink ? Chose orange vodka as my poison.

Sensex cats & market timing

Bacardi breezer in one hand & one year child in another - Modern Indian woman ?!

Cribs about bad bosses & inconsiderate husbands

Chicken only in disposable plates & with disposable spoons !

Dieting so biryani - no and Beer uhh- yes

Whispering soon to be weds, bickering old couples

Reminiscing & Back slapping.

Incestuous corporate world. S works for a company which is owned by a company X. A is on the board of company X as she works in a private equity firm which owns the majority stake. B works for a fund management company which has invested in the private equity fund. Finally S has invested some of his savings in the fund house in which B works. So is S working for himself ?

Got gifted Two lives by J, a friend at work. Would never have bought it perhaps ala Shantaram or the Suitable Boy.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

1st week of the year ...

Nice to know ppl care - so here I am ! Have had quite an eventful week, tons of work followed by 4 late nights in a row from wed to sat. Don't worry am not going to bother you with tedious details of my long hours at work - have become an expert at juggling work between meetings. All you non corporate people thank God that you don't have to survive in the Dilbertesque world - though must admit it comes with its own set of perks - like my brand new car.

The car was delivered on tuesday and the first week itself has a tiny bump - curse the valet at Spring (the erstwhile SOHO and before that Sin - seems like PNC have a S thingee like the K factor for Balaji). Decent food - had a lovely brown 3 grain bread cajun chicken sandwich. The place was totally empty though apart from a couple of people from the American consulate which is bang opposite. My team really had fun and as we had the place to ourselves we made quite a racket. For those who are interested its restrooms are in the gym wet area.

wed met vik for dinner - an aside cute waiter with a lovely smile took the order. Followed by a long leisurely walk at Carters and finally we went to seijo for a drink. People were strolling in at 11:30 and the lounge was almost full- people have too much money and of course no need to go to work at 8. Vik all your bitching & groaning has totally disillusioned me about what is out there , surely things can't be that bad ?

On thursday was an office party - at 11.30 realised have a driver waiting downstairs felt very guilty and did a cinderella - got food packed for my driver :-). Invariably as it happens the conversation went from belated wishes to how old r u to when r u getting married. But got a surprise when I said I am not getting married and one of the guys asked are you gay. Well just said that's an interesting qs and laughed it off - and somehow we moved on to talk about other things ! Any suggestions ?

On friday took a couple of friends out for dinner - b'day treat etc followed by desserts at melting moments hmmm. Cannot have dessert at a chinese place - how many times can one have honey noodles with icecream ? There is a new place called Caravan Serai in bandra need to check it out soon - given that it is part of the China gate/ Golden Orchid set of restaurants. It is supposed to serve Peshawari food.

Needed to get a lot of work done on saturday however just didn't feel like - so went shopping instead bought some matching floor mats for my car!,got expensive new specs for wearing at home ! (Carrera frames and some new age material lens), finally got myself enrolled for a driving class. Lessons start on friday and hopefully in a month will be able to drive. Went to meet Anand & Alka for lunch- Nicky is such a delight and we both watched Alice in Wonderland while waiting for Anand to get back from work. Leisurely afternoon sipping orange vodka, having home cooked food and listening to their intermittent nagging. Then went shopping for Nicky's birthday present. Bought a cute pair of barbie jeans & T for her - can't believe how expensive kids' clothes are. Went for a hair cut from this hunk at N&Y - need to learn how to start a conversation with him - can't think what to talk to him apart from the usual pleasanteries & how I wished my hair was better.

Last night was a blast - thanks tc after ages really danced. Karma really rocked last night and thank god for a change the music went on beyond two. Quite a few attractive men - however was content just dancing with tc - much simpler and less painful.

Saw the movie A Good Woman today. Oscar Wilde is awesome ! One of the characters says - people are either charming & tedious - wonder what the world thinks of me ? Bought this book called Broken April by an Albanian author called Ismail Kardare - hope it turns out well and I can add him to Murakami & David Mitchell as discoveries for the year.

P is off tom - Best of luck boy and be naughty for a change. btw everyone the other person in the "we" on my last post was him and he was cribbing as to why I didn't include his name.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Birthday Boy

Last night nine friends ushered in my birthday at my place. Others called or messaged to wish. Felt a warm glow. All of us reached various degrees of intoxication and finally called it a night at three.
K - hope to spent many a morning sipping tea from the mug.
Rani - hope to be able to use your gift very soon.
Thanks everyone for the books, the music and the movies.

One aspect which was very sad was I told some colleagues (who I am very fond of & close to) that they couldn't come at 12 to wish me. Damn ! Life is a bitch ! Last week came out to a colleague - maybe its just a beginning.

Got up early around 7.30 and was home alone till evening :-( . The day has been interspersed with calls & messages. Around 5 went shopping and bought a couple of delightful white Ts from Benetton and a nice one from a new shop on linking road called Arrow Sport. The sales person at the Arrow Sport shop made me realize why I can never buy anything at Shoppers. He was attentive and gave suggestions (which were informed & made sense)but was not hovering over us. There was no place at JATC so we went and had a quick bite at Subway. Am wondering if watching Breakfast at Tiffany's would be the perfect end to the day.

The day before today

I hate working on saturdays but the alternative of working today on my birthday was totally abhorrent. So spent the better part of yesterday in office - such are the imperatives of corporate life !!

Its so strange - the most unexpected of people reach out to you on your birthdays. You can sense some of them really feel for you and want to stay in touch - but with what nonchalance you engage in superficial, casual conversation not telling anything of any import and not asking much.

On the other hand there is the yearning to hear some people's voice - u know they won't remember, u know they won't call but u still hope maybe ...
It shouldn't hurt, it shouldn't matter - its just another day ...
Maybe things have changed as for the first time in seven years I forgot too - 29th sep.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Ambivalent Feelings

Every year as my birthday comes nearer I am caught up in contradictory emotions - to celebrate or to sulk. Last year wanted to be alone and this year have invited a bunch of friends home. This year has really rushed past and am not sure if I achieved much.

Have finally succumbed to the expectations from a yuppie and bought a car. The math somehow still doesn't work for me in a place like bombay where getting a cab is a non-issue and the distances are not really that long. But what the heck !!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Movies / Memories

Saw eternal sunshine for ... last night. Interesting construct but quite a simple idea about the triumph of love. Funny in parts, touching in others overall a good watch. Kristin Dunst really has a magical presence she stands out even in such small roles.

One interesting movie to watch about memories is After Life a Japanese movie in which the situation is the exact inverse and the dead are supposed to choose one memory to hold on for eternity.

Don't think I would ever want to erase memories - however much they may hurt. Anyways what is a memory ? Is it an accurate reflection of what we have experienced or a suitably modified & edited remembrance of the past which fits our image of ourselves today.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

kallat or dadiseth ?

Went to dinner last night with K (not attempting a Kafka !) and in conversation two names got mentioned with a response WHO ? I mentioned Keki Dadiseth and he mentioned Jitish Kallat. Could place Jitish because of his work on my friend's desk and remembered a conversation we had about it a few months back. Dadiseth drew a blank from him.

He shrugged it off saying different worlds ! Got me thinking how even in this day of web & mobile telephony we restrict our universe to the familiar. We may console ourselves that they are not relevant to us - but don't we just make our lives poorer by taking that stance. Ah ! how do we make sure we don't miss out the Kallat's of the world who make the world a richer, better place ....