Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lazy weekend

Why don't you blog more often - a common refrain from my three readers ! Well its a combination of a) laziness, b) hectic schedules & c) boring lifestyle. No adventures/conquests to talk about, no decadence to flaunt, no ire to vent and no earth shattering dilemmas to resolve. Just another week.

saw 4 movies this weekend - ranging from interesting to downright shoddy. the River with the formula of intersecting lives; which was executed with more power in Amores Perros; had amazing production values & touching performances. Latter days a flaky movie which was great fun.
Last night was supposed to be a night out at jazz but ended up being dvd night with a couple of friends. TC and i had breakfast at crepe station - i overate am going fatter by the day. Need to go on a diet asap. After ages was naughty again - well it was meaningless so what, right !


closetalk said...

hehehe, u know gups, the way u phrased it, it sounds like u were naughty with me, after de crepes! lol. now we dont wanna shock our mutual frnds, do we?... but then, i wonder, why not?! lol.. shock value is always good for de heart! lol.

aristera says said...

guppie, decadence is not to be flaunted. i just report. :-)

Vikster said...

Your weekend sounds way better than mine.

I ended up partying all weekend with 4 GORGEOUS straight men. Did I mention GORGEOUS?

And did I also mention straight?

I am so sad.

closetalk said...

a) u still haven't added me to ure links list, and

b) uve been given the invite/ poll for de bloggers party at my place.. check out de closet blog for details.