Sunday, October 16, 2005

Birthday Boy

Last night nine friends ushered in my birthday at my place. Others called or messaged to wish. Felt a warm glow. All of us reached various degrees of intoxication and finally called it a night at three.
K - hope to spent many a morning sipping tea from the mug.
Rani - hope to be able to use your gift very soon.
Thanks everyone for the books, the music and the movies.

One aspect which was very sad was I told some colleagues (who I am very fond of & close to) that they couldn't come at 12 to wish me. Damn ! Life is a bitch ! Last week came out to a colleague - maybe its just a beginning.

Got up early around 7.30 and was home alone till evening :-( . The day has been interspersed with calls & messages. Around 5 went shopping and bought a couple of delightful white Ts from Benetton and a nice one from a new shop on linking road called Arrow Sport. The sales person at the Arrow Sport shop made me realize why I can never buy anything at Shoppers. He was attentive and gave suggestions (which were informed & made sense)but was not hovering over us. There was no place at JATC so we went and had a quick bite at Subway. Am wondering if watching Breakfast at Tiffany's would be the perfect end to the day.


Vikster said...

Was alone till evening? Yet the mysterious "we" makes it's appearance in this post at the end?

Anyone I know? (wink wink)

CALL ME if you wanna hang out silly boy!

livinghigh said...

hehehe... i know de secret of dat 'we'!!!! lol

so, did ya finally see tiffany? or was it time to end de affair?

(sigh, my puns are quite bad, na?)

PS: allow comments by ppl other than those registered on blogspot.

aristera says said...

hello! welcome welcome
it gets addictive huh?
growing old.
deja vu.