Thursday, October 13, 2005

Movies / Memories

Saw eternal sunshine for ... last night. Interesting construct but quite a simple idea about the triumph of love. Funny in parts, touching in others overall a good watch. Kristin Dunst really has a magical presence she stands out even in such small roles.

One interesting movie to watch about memories is After Life a Japanese movie in which the situation is the exact inverse and the dead are supposed to choose one memory to hold on for eternity.

Don't think I would ever want to erase memories - however much they may hurt. Anyways what is a memory ? Is it an accurate reflection of what we have experienced or a suitably modified & edited remembrance of the past which fits our image of ourselves today.

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Vikster said...

I loved Eternal Sunshine..

I've had this discussion with friends a lot..I think I'd actually BE the Jim Carrey character. There are memories I wold love to erase..entire relationships I want wiped out.

Help me grow? hell no! I'm still holding on to them years later...