Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Six degrees - not in my worlds !

Went for Anand's kids' birthday party, he is the only person I know who calls his work colleagues, family, in laws & college friends for the same party and leaves it to them to get along...
After the kids had left with their entourage of maids and/or drivers the pertinent question was raised- so what will everyone have to drink ? Chose orange vodka as my poison.

Sensex cats & market timing

Bacardi breezer in one hand & one year child in another - Modern Indian woman ?!

Cribs about bad bosses & inconsiderate husbands

Chicken only in disposable plates & with disposable spoons !

Dieting so biryani - no and Beer uhh- yes

Whispering soon to be weds, bickering old couples

Reminiscing & Back slapping.

Incestuous corporate world. S works for a company which is owned by a company X. A is on the board of company X as she works in a private equity firm which owns the majority stake. B works for a fund management company which has invested in the private equity fund. Finally S has invested some of his savings in the fund house in which B works. So is S working for himself ?

Got gifted Two lives by J, a friend at work. Would never have bought it perhaps ala Shantaram or the Suitable Boy.


livinghigh said...

hehehehe... de corporate incest was funny!!!! and confusing! ;-)
tell me how Two Lives is.

Vikster said...


I'm reading Two Lives too! We can have a book club!

aristera says said...

why cant someone gift me two lives!!! uhuhuhuh!