Thursday, November 03, 2005


Wrote twice about my feelings about Diwali - both times couldn't post it. Divine providence or awful infrastructure ? Let me attempt a different version.

Sweets, cashew nuts, almonds.
Diyas & fireworks.
Home food cooked in Ghee.
Empty streets & deserted offices.
Emotional calls from home.
More holidays - and more time to drink, eat and watch movies.

In Diwali spirit went to watch Hanuman - horrible Amar Chitra Katha anyday in better.Nice eye candy on Diwali eve at jazz and on Diwali afternoon in Zorro, the movie.

I am Hindu. Nobody lables me good or bad based on what I do or don't do. I don't feel guilty about not praying, fasting or going to temples. I suppose I believe in God. Huh !


Vikster said...

I know! I love being Hindu too!

No guilt, nothing good or bad, personla choice and responsibility!

I wish more of the world were Hindu..we'd have far less hate.

livinghigh said...

hahaha.. lets start a conversion drive now. de vhp will give us medals also!