Saturday, November 12, 2005


Has been a very listless week at work, wavering attention, no serious discussions, and nothing very intellectual or exciting to work on.

On Tuesday met Adman for a walk on carters. We discussed - am I too picky or am I just hoping that one day someone will knock at my window and enter my life ? Went through my phone book with him and I had 8-10 numbers of people I have not met or find cute/ nice but not gone out on a date with. So have decided to meet some of them whom I find attractive and see what happens. Vik - u r supposed to introduce me to some nice people you know.

Met AV for Lunch yesterday - he looked at me across the road and called me, couldn't wait to cross the road - " What have u done to yourself ? You are going fat ! Your face seems puffed up blah blah". Coming from a str8 guy it really hurt - how I envy people like him who can effortlessly stay thin - eat & drink twice as much as me and stay thin :-(
So I resolve I am on a diet - so request all friends not to tempt me
no white bread or rice
no desserts or sugars etc etc
no soft drink mixers for drinks - flavoured vodka on the rocks or whiskey it is
Need to figure out how I juggle time between work, my driving lessons, dates (!!) and gym.

Met Rani for a walk/coffee around ten. He was quietly confident , slightly hyper & a little edgy - but I am sure he has will be able to bell the "cat".


K said...

The perennial struggle of weight loss... I've given up, rather be fat and happy rather than thin and sad. Even though my weight isn't of Obelixian dimensions as yet, I'm sick and tired of people telling me what to eat or drink. That said, I've tried to improve my daaru habits - chopping off the beer and sticking to Whiskey and Soda, hoping that it might allow me to fit into a waist 34 sometime...

closetalk said...

ahem ahem! so, its a battle against de bulge, is it?! ;-) well, welcome overboard the mothership, young recruit! ;-)

shit! does dis mean, no beers???

aristera says said...

nonsense. you look fine the way you are. and dont date because you must. if something is meant to be, it will.