Sunday, November 27, 2005

Snippets from the past week

Saw a place on carter road - near CCD
6th floor with a sea view - u literally see into a coconut tree from the bedroom
dingy furniture can be thrown into a store room
fresh coat of paint & a little colour, rugs etc should do the trick
but old building what about the plumbing & exposed electricity
hmmm wondering if its worth the hassle of moving

Buying a fancy car and moving to a sea view apartment on carter road - should make me feel better right ?


Lemon Grass has changed its decor - looks a lot brighter now - don''t like it much - used to like the darker wall colour and subdued lights. Resisted having a dessert much to K's disgust but one week of no alcohol,no rice or desserts - atleast a start. :-)

Met an ex colleague for coffee today, she has turned housewife - painting, learning to sing and taking care of her kids (the younger daughter is adopted). She seemed so much at peace. She has finally stopped cringing when putting on paper her identity as a housewife. She still dreads reunions (being from one of the Bschools) and the awkwardness which creeps in when people realise that she is no longer working.

Loved the way see was talking about her kids - she says she refuses to teach them or talk to them about school work. Instead she teaches them about science & art. Some amazing stuff - after visiting the Louvre her six year old daughter asks her you did not show me the sunflower painting - amazing right. Or taking them to different cities in India for the weekend while her hubby may or may not join them depending on work - Like going to Cal and showing them the tram, the rickshaw, the museums. Or doing the math and giving them fun info like how much they would weigh on the moon etc.

Is she wasting her education ? Did she cheat somebody of a seat ? Don't know but I respect her for the choices she has made and she is doing what she feels is important to her and thats what matters.

Decided to see Harry Potter to see what the fuss was about. Found it ok - but what was amazing was that the though the theatre was full of kids there was no disturbance at all. They all seemed totally engrossed in the movie. Can't understand what the big deal about this Krum chappie.

Saw 'Whats eating Gilbert Grape ?' - Leonardo Dicaprio is amazing - This along with 'The Basketball Diaries' simply stand out - wonder when will he be able to do work like that again in his post Titanic super stardom.
Lalu's out of Bihar & Sena seems to be on the last leg in Mahrashtra - Buddhadeb has turned Cal upside down - times seem to be changing. While Uma still can't stop whining (Woman if u have the guts - strike out on your own for gods sake and live happily with ur friend Govindacharya) - Firmly believe we shouldn't allow regional parties to contest national elections - the federal nature comes from the Rajya Sabha in anycase.

Will the Indian economy fulfill the BRIC dream - well if it does it will be despite the politics. Reddy gives Indian banks 5 year reprieve from foreigners swamping them but the government can't get its act together on consolidation. The much delayed pension reforms hopefully will cross the hurdle this session. SEBI & RBI fighting like petulant kids over the debt markets - while it slides slowly into chaos. SEBI & IRDA fiddling like Nero while their industries are on the verge of a disaster. Need a MAS/FSA kind of regulator and need to get professionals who understand the issues on board fast.

Am so glad came out to a friend at work a couple of weeks back. Just realised how I wasted two years. He actually asks about my personal life & we discuss things. Nice. He told his fiancee too and she seems fine as well. The domino effect seems to be working positively for now. The theory that if more people come out more people will get comfortable about homosexuality logically seems correct as then the issue become about real people you know & love and not about some stereotype in your mind.
Am more at ease now but not sure when the worlds collide what shape my career would be left in. But I am hopeful it wouldn't matter.

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closetalk said...

ok, here goes -

1. place on carter rd, u buying it? mebbe u can make it all nice n comfy.. is it half as nice as ure current one? if so, and i u actually OWN this one, then i suggest u go for de deal. sounds nice.

2. never neen to lemon grass, so no comments.

3. she sounds like a real fun person. and no - if somebody else was meant to get there on her seat, he/she would have got it next year. providence.

4. still hafta see the potter kid.

5. actually, sebi's due to come out with a whole lot of rules and decisions in dec. looking forward to see what the outcome of dat. and dat silly ass chidu just keeps on making vague promises abt reforms and all. sigh. nero, eh? nice touch.

6. yes, de domino effect sounds nice. but it depends on how well u know the person u tell, na?