Sunday, November 06, 2005

Juste une question d'amour

Sigh ! if only shopping could help - did a lot of that in October, my birthday month. So instead of retail therapy - I did movie therapy and locked myself home till sunday evening. Saw 3 movies - just a question of Love & Code46 on saturday evening & Wonder Boys on sunday morning.

Wonder boys is a really great movie - surprisingly had not heard of it despite the cast of Michael Douglas, Toby Macguire & Robert Downey Jr and direction by the LA Confidential guy. Its about the one book, one movie, one play wonders who cannot replicate it and lead their lives under the burden of that one big success. Well acted and well scripted it was fun to watch alone at 8 on sunday morning. And surprise surprise this movie has a gay element - Robert Downey Jr & Tobey Mcguire in bed together !!
Just emphasized for me the centrality of making choices in life as the only way of moving forward.

Code46 is a scifi romance. Dont cringe - it has Tim Robbins & Samantha Morton. It is based on the premise that global warming has made large parts of the world desert and you need a cover to enter any of the "civilized cities". In a world of rampant cloning & invitiro procedures you have to make sure u dont sleep & have kids with somebody with more than 25% genetic match. The movie is very disturbing and even if the premise seems far fetched - consider this : genetic mapping reveals concerns - can't get insurance - so can't get mortgage - so can't buy home - and so on ... The boundary between the haves & the have nots is a physical city wall here. The two main leads dont look like a romantic pair but they add an intensity & desperation to the impossible situation they find themselves in.
Finally the delightful french movie Just a question of love - about the conflicts faced by a young guy between coming out to his parents & living a lie to not shatter their delusions. I could so imagine it being translated into an Indian context - the feelings were same and finally as the character says to his father - "It is not about being gay or straight - its just a question of love and I love Cedric"

Got dragged by Vik to Lokhandwala - met these really interesting set of people whom I hope to see a lot more of.
One more weekend ends - hope everyone doesn't take me to be a movie junkie - just think it is better to see nice movies then meet uninteresting people just because I have place. Also have almost finished reading an improbable & impossible sort of romantic story called Broken April by an Albanian author called Ismail Kadare.


closetalk said...

gawd! now ure asking questions and all in French as well????!!! am i de only gawarh here..??

dont answer dat.


ure movies sounded nice.

by de way, de party is ON! get ure best costume out, guppieboy! ;-)

aristera says said...

must see wonder boys!!

kosovo said...

i recommend you check tirana