Sunday, November 20, 2005

Two sundays & resolutions revisited

Been a really mixed up last eight days.

Last sunday was being social. Met a college friend whom I had not met for 7 years with his wife & kid. Reminiscing about old times, discovering about the turns that our lives had taken, promising to keep in touch more. In the evening met a couple from London, who are friend's of a dear friend H, though I don't see him too often. Had a really pleasant dinner at Otters courtesy H's buddhist fashion designer (BFD) friend.

Today on the other hand have not stepped out of my home - the only people I have seen are the maid, dhobi etc. Just one of the useless lazy day - spend hours online. Met an interesting french guy online - we chatted for hours. He loves India and is dying to come back to bombay. Hmmm we discussed so much from indian generics industry to movies to pleasures of traveling...
A status report on the resolutions taken last saturday. Kept one & couldn't keep the other. Yesterday went on a date after ages - lunch followed by tea - conversation flowed and it was fun. Where is it likely to lead - nowhere i suppose. But it was nice and I am meeting him for dinner sometime this week. That was followed by finally going to courtyard with K - it is so different from any mall. Spend obscene amount of money on a designer trouser & a shirt. Broke the going on diet resolution - had beer & ate fries at mondy's. Wondering why does nobody hit on me at parties any longer :-(


livinghigh said...

hehehe. de birdy shirt?

Vikster said...

All it takes is a phone call to me to come hang out. Or is that too much to ask?

I think I know your French guy..met him at a party when he was in Bombay.