Saturday, October 28, 2006

The dilemma

Months of effort finally sees the light of day. It was a emotional rollercoaster in more ways than one - but I truly believe what we have delivered is unique and outstanding. It will perhaps remain one of the key achievements for all of us for some time.

But have been asked to choose at this juncture and am faced with the dilemma :

Option 1 : play from strength - ask for bigger role potentially be really successful - work with people you are already comfortable with - have a bit more time to yourself - risk getting bored if things don't pan out as planned

Option 2 : work for something which looks really interesting - the politics could get very murky - most people you will work with you don't gel with - spend crazy amount of time at work - you will have fun and could end up doing something worthwhile in all senses - risk is the fizz dies and you end up being caught in no man's land

Hmmm - go by the gut ?? !!

Making choices like these are optional plays especially in an uncertain environment and the predicator is really undeterminable


Gupster said...

We Seem to think a like and have the same view point on life.

once again said...

what u dont blog anymore?

alex said...

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...