Monday, May 22, 2006

3 weeks have disappeared

Am sitting in an airport lounge having beer (there goes my diet) and in a dazed manner typing this post. Am really tired. Have been working kind off hard. Gone for a small break to Delhi & Lucknow last weekend in this sweltering heat (God help me ) Did nothing - well almost nothing saw Humayun's tomb - beautiful. Ironic as I was with a friend who was discussing with me how the basic conflict of secularism in our country would be our bane. We are no France or England - we suffer from being quasi American (country we all love to hate) and are as conservative. According to him the caste issue would get sorted out by urbanization. The ghettoization of two cities I have stayed in Mumbai & Ahmedabad - bears testimony to the alienation of the Muslims. Anyway back to Humayun's team- you realise the folly of misplaced restoration and how it virtually killed the natural gradient of the waterways and made it worse or the before/after pics of work done post the grant from the Aga Khan Foundation. How I wish we knew the stories of the people buried there.
Discussing business ideas, politics, history and what not sigh !!
2 white shirts well fitted S size from benetton
Went to a shady party in Delhi on Sat night - had fun - not that delhi crowd I expected - dance like mad got a few admirers - flirted with people
Stayed in the Park for a night - wasteful expenditure - some would say - lovely blue themed room - wanted a massage sadly the spa was closed for renovation
Met an interesting friend of a friend - had a lovely time and was truly relaxed - sadly had to let him down when he wanted to come up
Buying swarowski as wedding present - a cop out or a la di dah thing - it was a really beautiful piece with a flower and a butterfly - 5 figure charge on cc
Chikan saree for Mom and dress for sis - some of the stuff was awesome specially the crepe
3 am and the groom waiting while the bride is giving a photoshoot - unreal
Getting propositioned in the delhi airport lounge by cute firang boy - wow - when I had no time - just my luck
Cute, sweet and rude - don't get this description - on another note am not very stuck up, am I ?
Lovely brunch at Moshes - nice to be driven to town - bought an absolute darling of a phone thought I couldn't exceed Moto Razr - think have done so - the phone is really awesome to look at and on top has an IPod like sound quality, FM, 2 mega pixel camera and 1 GB memory
p.s. am not sure how ambitious I am- but if I am not who am I


Wild Reeds said...

So many references to Mammon! Not the Guppie I know at all. Guppie's new home not called Imelda Ville by any chance? :-)

Sex and the City said...

...Hmmm..A lot happens. Time to stop and smell the flowers may be?

closetalk said...

yay! *wide grin*
am glad ure trip went well!

aristera says said...

i like this post. living it up, are we?

a guppie said...

I have read and reread this post n times cant see why this is being percieved in a unidimensional manner - admit the bit abt the camera went on and on and also the swarowski thingie was too much

Wild Reeds said...

No no babes, just meant it in a tongue-in-cheek way... it's a great post. And tell tell more about the cute firang boy!!

GrasshopperBoy said...

which phone????? which phone????

Anonymous said...

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