Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Learn new tricks

Had started learning how to drive a month back - went through the motions of going for classes at 7.30 in the morning , went through the farce of the driving test ( 4 hours of waiting for 5 mins of driving) , and had my first real drive to office today. Was a little tentative & cautious - as the classes don't really prepare you for traffic or speed. Couldn't have chosen a worse day - the traffic was horrible - and had to drive most of the way in bumper to bumper traffic. Didn't fare too bad I think. On the speed angle have not crossed 60 kmph yet.

Frankly though much prefer sitting on the backseat, reading , talking on phone or chatting with friends while the chauffeur bothers about the clutch, the brakes,the accelerator and the traffic on the daily grind from home to office & back.

But the thought of taking off on the road to nowhere in particular appeals ...


F-cubed said...

It's all about driving for work and drivingn for pleasure.

For the first nothing like the comfort of the back seat - pure capitalistic exploitative decadence.

Over weekends and on long drives for pleasure though, go for the feel of a leather steering wheel on one hand and a different kind of skin on the other.


Vijayeta said...

And it's true, while driving to work in bad Bombay traffic can be quite maddening... The thought of taking off to nowhere on a great day is the only real purpose to have learned it!
How've you been? Found a place yet?

Eleventy Seven said...

Women drivers have this uncanny knack of making me extremely nervous in the passenger seat. But I do hope you passed your test and will keep your eyes peeled for bikers in your rear view mirror and give them the space they desire :-)

Nice blog ... so did you manage to find a place? Why're you shifting?