Saturday, July 15, 2006


Am I living in an ivory tower ?
Am I doing well professionally ? Btw how does one assess that ?
What will I do when my personal & professional lives collide ?
Do people at work like me ?
Have I pissed off my str8 friends ?
Why haven't I gone on a date for a long long time ?
Why have I not been in a serious relationship in the last five years ?
Why am I putting on weight again ?
Am I selfdestructive or just plain arrogant ?
Why am I prone to bursts of being totally asocial ?
Why have I lost touch with so many ppl over the last few years ?
Am i am seriously fucked up ?

On to less existential questions
Whom should I go to for a haircut ?
Where should I shop for some shirts ?
Which speakers/ amps to buy ?
How do i change my phone tariff plan & get a broadband connection at home ?