Wednesday, July 05, 2006


On a lark went with H to Lonavla on Sunday evening - it was lovely drive - we talked almost non-stop we had met after some time - post the mcd mist covered hills were simply awesome -1st stop coopers for chocolate walnut fudge and then Dukes for the lovely view and some eats. Gosh ! I wish I could drive. Rains really transform the ghats around Mumbai from dreary vague places to a delight. On the way back the small stretch before we hit the expressway was a little scary extremely due to low visibility and curving roads. But it was really fun.

Three days of lost productivity for a city which seems to have decided to press the panic button whether warranted or not. It seems so not Bombay. Though the lens which i use seems seriously flawed as bandra and southwards are not representative. Today was a mid week holiday. Spend some time with the gang at JATC and then we watched Mrs Henderson Presents at home. Judi Dench was awesome as usual - Brit humour rocks.

p.s. on a passing note why do all the men look so hot in this weather.


Prasann said...

We see what we want to see


so, you want to see hot men around you?

Mrs. henderson is a delightful movie.

once again said...

so i hear of your lil photography exhibits !!!

and both h and u are in some serious trouble !!!! [ u cudnt stop by to say hello, cud u !?! ]

Sex and the City said...

Henderson just did it for me that day. Brilliant. What a tiresome generation! *Chuckles*

a guppie said...

well prasann - why not ? how do u get the time to mainatin 3 blogs

I blame h.

livinghigh said...

mmmm.. sounds like u had a lovely drive @ khandala. coopers and all, yay! ;-)

Wild Reeds said...

Seems like you had a lovely drive!

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