Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dilemmas faced this week

How do u deal with someone who lies on your face even though there was almost a 100% chance of getting caught ? Do u let it go thinking they were stupid to do so or do u confront them ? Am really angry, hurt, surprised and amused that someone would do so.

Would u bolster the ego of someone or give "bhav" to someone if it helps u achieve ur goals ? Its not abt being dishonest or praising someone - its just abt asking for help and managing ur own ego. Why is it difficult to tell someone guide me - when its not intellectual but just because someone controls the resources.


Wild Reeds said...

Dear Guppie,
I think you should confront the person. ALWAYS. It's not about them, it's about you, and not letting your emotional attic be clogged by bulky resentment furniture (there - no more Hélène Ségara at 9 in the morning).

aparna said...

agree with wild reeds also let the jerk know that he/she is not doing a good job of lying.
hope you have a dilemma-free week ahead

once again said...

aaah. been there, faced that. I know wot ur saying. dun some of em think before they freakin lie.

But at times I think its best to leave such people alone. Its not always stupidity. Some of em are way too canny. Not worth your time. Not worth your effort.

tho i do like ewhat w.r says "not letting your motional attic be clogged by bulky resentment furniture " well said, very well said :)

a guppie said...

hey guys - thanks for the concern - it was just some silly work thing and he will get really screwed if i tell others.