Saturday, February 04, 2006

A saturday with Parents

Got up read the 4 newspapers - had warm home made breakfast in the morning - upma, dhoklas & tea. Who else but mom would get up early to cook a meal :-)

took my parents to little Italy for lunch - it has had a makeover looks so wannabe fine dining place - they have got the prices and the furniture but why is it so cramped and the layout is really bad. the food was just ok - except that they had an awesome range of juices - had a stawberry & kiwi fresh juice.

Went saree shopping with my mom - a bi annual ritual for the two of us. She tells me that everyone just loves the sarees I choose for her :-)Then we went to buy clothes for my nephew & niece.

Came back had a snooze - and surfed a little bit - This has been a very different visit - i have behaved almost like I would have if they were not there - go out late evenings / meet friends - surf the net like now - maybe given up by share of the tv but not much else - don't know what they think abt all this

Talked to a few friends / Chatted with a few others

watching phone booth - really awesome movie - had heard so much abt it and for a change a hyped thing lives up to the expectation. colin looks awesome - so vulnerable & so adorable

And now watching the lovely Aparna Sen & Lilette Dubey in conversation. All in all a nice pleasant day.


aparna said...

u read 4 newspapers..........
boy u had sumptuous meal.upma , dhoklas and tea yum....
isn't colin farell lovely???????dont u just love him even though he smokes, drinks, swears incessantly.oh wait he's irish!!!!!!!!thats his birth right.
i saw phone booth too also saw legally blonde for the 10th time.

aristera says said...

life is such. its completely deja vu for me when i read this about you and parents.
phonebooth. bizzare film. freaked me out a little.
lovely lovely aparna sen. the bit about her relationship with her husband kalyan hit me hard. 'mature friendship'. someday, i swear, someday.
PS: didnt lillete come across as dumb, dumb, dumb?

once again said...

oh, i absolutely hate lil italy. and yes the interiors are bad bad bad. specially with the freakin aircon behind the bars * o wait, u said makeover * well anyways an all veg place is like such a big waste :)

i like phonebooth :) and shit i so wanted to see that show on times now. sigh. what time does it get telecasted anyways ?! yes. be my channel review guide please !

aparna said...

once again -keep watching axn regularly they keep showing colin farell's movies over and over again

a guppie said...

aparna - hmmm our taste in men seem very similar

K - sigh got so many dirty looks from ppl for not leaving from office in the middle of the day to drop my parents to the airport

once again - parents eat only veg and so i thought why not. As for channel guide - we will have to think abt that one :-)