Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Valentines Week & My Phonebook

Valentines week scrolled my phone book n times - minus family, colleagues, and ppl from my alma mater - the list is as follows :

Doc - the person to whom I owe a lot - he was instrumental in my getting so comfortable and who was really patient & supportive a little more than four years back & his long term boy friend. Thanks Doc and sorry for not keeping in touch - cannot fathom a reason why I have not.

The 1st three friends I made - the snooty boys from bandra as we were called -
RB who was a little crazy, we fought a lot but also spend lots of time together - still remember our trip to Thailand - and how we would go our own separate way most of the time - coordinate such that we wouldn't be in Babylon at the same time - flirt together with waiters - we would meet every day for a while and then not meet at all for a week to ten days. Alas he has moved out of bombay ...
R the tall "lost look" friend - can't believe have known him for more than four years - we have this comfortable relationship give each other space all the time but are only a phone call away if the other needs to talk/meet. Sometimes grouchy, sometimes camp, sometimes childlike, sometimes all grown up, hopeless romantic ...
J - the always smiling always helpful the xtra sweet mac boi - have moved out of the country to follow his dreams.

My new set of friends along with R-
D/d - Met at Tres Botas a couple of years back - when he was visiting from Abad - met him again once he was back in bombay for good - something worked and we have grown close - only person with whom i talk on phone for ages. He has attitude, arrogance, confidence, vulnerability, talent, and an amazing heart. Nice to tease him sometimes - he pretends to be indifferent to what other people think - but gets upset if they dont read Inside Outside.
V, the global english talker & teacher, who thinks i have a lisp :-( and likes to write and read poems - Sensitive and fun loving - a total sweet heart.
CT, reminds me so much of a friend - is the exterior a facade ? the frivulous superficial exterior hides a heart of gold beneath. Yes CT it is ok not to be the life of the party all the time - u can be urself around us - mope abt boy, rant abt job etc

Ranima - xceptionally talented, strong willed and warm hearted boy/man. Learned French and German, did a MA and quadrupled the turnover of his family business all in a couple of years amazing.

H - the rich Juhu boy - v v sweet - would love to have as a friend am really fond of him - but understand his issues - and KM - possibly the first person to have a crush on me.

P - met in v unusual circumstances - have got close. Busy boy trying to do too many things with his life.

Vikster - am not sure what to say.

Half a dozen cute guys whom I find attractive (and 2-3 like too after bumping into with common friends) - but am very sure they dont find me - so thats that. Apart from a few hookups from the parties - whom I have kept in touch - called to parties at home introduced to friends. And a few links courtesy GB. So went to GB party with friends and partied ...


Anonymous said...

1. love you
2. issue ..."Half a dozen cute guys whom I find attractive " how come the top few people are exluded from the list. you dont think we are attractive.
3. you describe me the way i see me. scarrrry.
4. lets find you your 'beautiful boy' this year. talks are already on. trust me!
(prefer k over d/d)

Wild Reeds said...

Dear Guppie,
Thanks... really really touched. Have gotten to know you through your blog in an intimate way. The "19 points about me" blog, like this one, gave me insights into your mind and heart that I never had even after knowing you for so long.

For me: You are the person I trust the most. Not only with my housekeys, but also with my best interests at heart. I scrolled down to your number in my phone and pressed "Call" almost each time I had a crisis, in the last couple of years. Love you mucho.

Sex and the City said...

....what i think of u: reserved, sweetest, very confident, immensely loveable [ i agree with k about the "beautiful boy" - just a corner away]...and u are absolutely funny...

once again said...

* gasp * I am afraid my phonebook wudnt be half as interesting and this 'v' chap sounds rather peculiar :)



closetalk said...

hehehe.. happy vday to u as well, my dear gupshup, though its been AGES since dat fantastic night at karma's! lol, i think i was a bit disappointed dat there were no red balloons after all!
and thanks for the extremely kind words. *hugs*

a guppie said...

k - luv u too - in hindi movie style - " aap toh mere bhai samaan hain"

ranima :-)

V - hope we all turn the corner fast

Brat - r u not curious how ur number as classified ;-)

CT - yes it seems like ages back - have been meaning to write this one from that day but been just too busy

Luv u all ........

aparna said...

awwwwwwww and all that
"Vikster - am not sure what to say."- hehehe