Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mixed feelings

Yesterday was a weird day - had a lot of things to do some work stuff and some household chores - did nothing and given the current mood am vegetating in front of the laptop & TV - this will mean postponing them for a couple of weeks as am working next saturday. Need to get out of this lethargy.

Met R & V for lunch at Soulfry - the fish or chicken thali there has almost become a ritual for R & me. This should be last of such meals for the next three months. It is just too much food to eat. I am a Glutton on top of that had dessert -whats come over me I seem to be on suicidal path to obesedom. I don't like the way I have started looking.

Post that - V wanted to hang out have coffee etc but was sleepy and had a switched off empathy drive - could see the need for conversation in his eyes and his anxiety about life/career/ meeting B in the evening. Just was not in a mood to be the sounding board - so left him in the lurch and came home and slept. Felt guilty for a bit but was just not up to it. Dragged myself to town to meet all them later in the evening.

Plans were many - watch Rabbi/IO concert or catch the movie Some like it Hot, dinner at Busaba, drinks somewhere etc. However we decided to chuck the concert and as we were waiting for R,CT & B decided to go for a drink. We tried to figure our options and there were hardly any - Not just Jazz, Geoffery's and Starters & More were three we could come up with apart from Mondy's. Finally landed at Geoffery's and after a couple of Long Island Ice teas we scandalised the punjabi uncle with our conversation & behaviour. CT & B had joined us by them and we were all acting quite silly. Finally decided enough of this we want to dance and hence wanted to try and see if Voodoo's was back in business.

For fucking 500 bucks a day the bars can have a DJ - I bet all of them would shell that out in a jiffy - but no the government will take god only knows how long to determine whether they are appropriate - and we have the sad scene of bombay bars without music. Who has heard of such a travesty - we used to laugh at bangalore & delhi and other places where late nights were a no no - but for this to happen in bombay. What do we do - stay there in that awful place or go to Mondys as there are not too many options for "stags".

Found a place at Mondys - finally music but the next table guys were sniggering we thought at us and I was feeling fairly down that on a saturday night in bombay thats what we had been reduced to. None of the nicer place would let us in. So we all headed back home. The evening made me feel like shit - i don't know why ? Or maybe I do but was angry at being helpless ? Why can't four harmless guys have fun and be themselves without a care ?

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't really matter


aristera says said...

no offence and i hope you dont get me wrong...but you let too many things get to you. some things are in your direct control. some things indirect. and some things are not in your control. if you let the latter bother you too much...god help you!
and i so so so identify wid the song...

Sex and the City said...

...sigh...everything's in control darling...everything. soul fry was bliss. make that two gluttons. hydbad is pathetic. greens and oranges. yucky tooz...hate it. miss bombay! and all of u...dont aw me now. :-)

a guppie said...

hmmm am not sure K what u mean but just was quite disappointed at the entire evening

aparna said...

all i can say is be patient and everything will be alright.all of us have our days when we feel utteryly disappointed.
its ok to feel helpless.but then snap out of it the following day.hope i made sense. and yes linkin park is one of the saner rok bands them
s& m- awwwwwwwwww.