Monday, January 30, 2006

19 things about me

On request by V -
1) am really unhappy that I have no real talent - can't sing, play a instrument, draw/ paint, write etc
2) am disappointed in myself that I have not learned a new skill properly for ages despite multiple resolutions- given them all up half way. things to do list - learn swimming properly, driving, a new language (french / spanish)
3) am a good listener - have been called a mother hen
4) have a morbid fear of becoming fat again -though i am almost there :-( need to really really go on a diet after my parents have gone back
5) am very short tempered & prone to mood swings
6) am possessive and get hurt easily
7) am very demanding of people & hyper critical - expect a lot of people and get disappointed when they don't measure up
8) can spend long periods of time alone
9) love traveling - vietnam was the best trip of 2005
10) have lovely long eye lashes (or so I have heard)
11) still haven't completely gotten over my college crush - half my passwords still have his name in them
12) like reading - unfortunately am getting lesser & lesser time to do so
13) would love to direct a movie or start a restaurant/bar some day
14) can't decide whether I am ambitious or want to lead a balanced life - but defi have a big ego and the need to excel
15) am getting increasingly fed up of leading a dual life - would love to come out to the world after I make it big in the corporate world
16) am very self conscious and hate talking to strangers unless it is very task oriented
17) am not witty and am afraid that people think I am very boring
18) would love to learn to dance but am afraid to try as I might really suck at it
19) need to learn how to network better and keep in touch with people more often


F-cubed said...

Why do I get the nasty feeling that you stole most of those statements from my personal diary?

Somehow I have this gut feeling that you are also a Gemini?

aparna said...

dahling i'll give u french lessons i know french.......
beinga good listener is a proud of it.long eyelashes-ummmmm let me check them out the next time we meet

Sex and the City said...

guppie...absolutely love u for this...and u are not boring at all..u are the sweetest!! [sometimes very very bitchy though]!!

a guppie said...

Viraf - not Gemini - Libran and sorry to disappoint you but this pretty much ME

aparna - pls check them and confirm these girls are always making fun of me :-(

Where is my only other regular reader - K ?

V - luv u too