Wednesday, January 18, 2006

3 weeks ...

2006 - a 2 hr walk to herald the new years, almost being crushed in a stampede (ok ok a gross exaggeration) , watching K make a move for the Emran Hashmi lookalike ...

But Goa, new years and friends a heady concoction

The next night with stars above us and at our feet in the middle of nowhere - simply awesome.

Work's been killing -new responsibilities, stretched team and traveling to god forsaken places like Vijaywada. The stopover at Hyd was interesting - did something for the 1st time - unfortunately it ended in a whimper.

Guilty that have not been able to spend time with my uncle who has been in the hospital since 30th - but how do i leave office in the middle of the day?

Parents are coming to bombay on saturday !! Not sure for how long !!

Have half a dozen books in various stages of being read - Venus as a boy, Murakami's South of the border, McEwan's Saturday ; On Beauty by Eco, Kundera's Ignorance and Philip Roth's The Dying Animal.

Finally switched to a healthy option for lunch - its really good - both in terms of variety and taste.


closetalk said...

K made a move on an EH lookalike????? hehehehe, and WHY didnt u tell me this earlier????!!!

amazing grace!

PS: have fun with parents
PPS: also, y didnt u tell what de 'new thing' at hyd was? ;-)

Sex and the City said...

...well CT we thought you knew about the EH episode. I just narrated it the night at K's...

Come guppie tell us bout hyd'bad...Update your blog dahling!! What was it all about?

a guppie said...

hmmm for those who came in late - K gave his come hither looks - he beckoned with his finger - and then his gf joined them

as for hyd - hate all cute 22 yo bois who want only BS.

aparna said...

watching K make a move for the Emran Hashmi lookalike ...-ROTFL
I'll keep comin back cz there is no stupid word identification ritual here

Anonymous said...

uhhuhuhuh. you couldnt have ommited that detail kya?

a guppie said...

well K this is most watered down version i could think of ;-)
and appu hope to see a lot more of u

aparna said...

guppie we have to meet one on one like you have mentioned in your current post so that you can tell me more about k's moves on EH looklike.....and i dont want the most watered down version