Monday, January 23, 2006

2 theories and some facts

Experiencing a sense of deja vu - have a feeling am going to get caught up again between two friends in their I love you, I love you not plucking petals from a flower game. I am being convinced that noway is it going to happen ... hmmm where have we heard that one before.

I have a theory (actually very much drawn from empirical evidence) my mean talktime follows a geometric progression- 50% (1 other person); 25% (2 friends); 12.5% ( 3 friends) and so on.... you get the idea I suppose. Hence in evenings like last night - with 8 people in the room ( some of whom are close friends, others are people I would very much to like to get to know better) the expected talktime from me would be virtually insignificant. I like meeting people one on one - don't like talking on phone too much either, apart from to a very small set of people. So people who know me well - know I can talk non-stop or listen attentively for hours - but in groups just tend to be a tad quiet.
We all went to meet "The Boy" - this incredibly sweet boy CT is seeing for what K & R described as a regressive ritual of "mooh dikhai". Anyway drinks, indifferent music and good natured ribbing - the evening was good fun. We left them to play Twister - watch out for details on talkingclosets.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all ?

My parents are in town - I am watching Indian Idol !!!!!!


aparna said...

oh my god u hv actually used geometric progression to explain your conversational skills. brilliant!!!!!!!!!!
quite a theory you have come up with. you must develop it even more
yes the boy is very sweet
did u see farah khan gettin snubbed on indian idol i prefer american idol. simon cowell entertains me
p.s-how can u be indifferent to arabic/punjabi folk music??????

aparna said...

oh my god u hv actually used geometric progression to explain your conversational skills- correction to be made
ok not your conversational skills but the amount of time you spend in trying to make conversation.

Sex and the City said...

... hmmm so someone finally sees another dying!! guppie - go watch indian idol and while u are at it some K serials as well... :-) muah muah and all that

aristera says said...

what wrong with regressive rituals, if its in good humour, eh? you dont like to talk on the phone? um...
will make sure you dont get caught up in the flower game (if presumtioudly one of the friends is me).
you were more than tad quiet. the silent observer.
indian idol? HELP!

a guppie said...

aparna - so now i hope u understand why i was so quiet - K, u & me must do drink/coffee/dinner

d/d - sorry thats not abt u - i would like it a lot to be involved in your yes/no thinking

emily - let me add 10 mins of deal or no deal to it - Idol is a entertainment bonanza in comparison

aparna said...

oh my god u watched deal ya no deal* shudders*
yes we must do coffee/dinner/drink routine

a guppie said...

well news channels is the only intersection point for us - and anyway i was rushing of to see the movie.

Am very surprised nobody picked up the Mirror mirror track