Sunday, January 29, 2006

An evening at the Shack

K, R & I decided we needed to head out in the evening last night - V decided that he preferred to make papads with his cousins and CT was out dancing with "The Boy" at voodoos.
I picked up K and knowing R can never reach anywhere on time - we asked him to meet us at Totos in 20 - hoping that the 40 odd minutes it takes us will be enough for him for his ten minute ride to Totos. We got there in about 40 mins and R had just left home !! Totos was full and they wouldn't let us in (thank god ! Totos at 10.30 at night - 7 in the evening its fine but late in the evening ?) and as to the external world we had no ladies with us - two other options remained - zenzi & the shack.

We started walking till we reached the crossroads where we needed to turn left for the shack or go str8 for zenzi - and so the practical me suggested we wait at the corner. K almost had a violent reaction and shuddered - "Hukka & Tikka - ppl will think I was there" - he turned and shrieked seeing the Shiv Sagar signage - "OR that I was There- we cannot be seen here". Thank god R rescued us from dilemma as to what would be less CLM (for the ignorant lot career limiting move) for K - to be seen outside Hukka & Tikka or Shiv Sagar.

Then started I don't care you two decide - but I hate any idea suggested by you routine. I was clear my prefrence order was SHACK, Zenzi & ........................ Totos in that order. K atleast on surface seemed truly indifferent. R the drama queen - thought he wasn't dressed for Zenzi and Shack would be too crowded, would play the same music blah blah but then he said the magic words - " I am ok with anything". Spotting a moment of weakness voted for the Shack and we started to drift towards it - all the while R was cribbing and K & I just humoured him ... Finally we reach the shack.

Paid our damages at the door - got the Shack stamp on our hands and sashayed our way in and ordered our drinks. Some call centre kids dancing away, some office crowd, etc etc. we thought the usual people -but we sorely missed the presence of one cutie (a mandatory requirement when u go to the shack !). So we had to do with the specimens present - (a) Str8 guy with a gf/wife desperate to dance slot while he sits with a bored to death expression. He sat there staring at nothing in particular - while she sang along the songs and tried to dance around him. We didn't mind as both R & I thought he was quite cute ( we have to do something about this increasing intersection set between our preferences - this won't do). (b) Dancing diva - a green shirt really tall tipsy man all over the place - quite sweet (c) bunch of drunk college guys - in this case they happened to be from R's college and were perhaps trying to recreate the atmosphere of the college party. Which leads me to wonder hmmm what was happening there - this guys were grinding close to each other etc etc - u get the picture ew ew and all that. It was fun to see R desperately wishing that they disappear . (d) smart ass cool dude - Guy wearing a T shirt - Looking for a Threesome - and he was with another guy & a girl - The guy looked quite gay - led me to wonder what was happening - and when he left for the loo the girl was giving shit to the other guy.

But what was so different about the evening was this one guy - whose idea of dancing seems to be to dry hump the air around him - R & K tolerated his presence - but finally when it got too much - I gave him the traditional elbow treatment. For the uninitiated the elbow treatment is when you position your elbow in a manner which pokes the other person very hard everytime he gets too close. After 5 minutes - he turned and asked "do u want a fight ?" I said " No darling but why dont u keep a 6 inch gap between the two of us " It seemed like escalating - but R & K were pulling my tshirt and his cute friends apologised and took him away. This would have been a first for me a disc brawl.

Anyways the dj's played a lot of different kinds of music - very unlike the shack - announced that they are adding a floor (yipeee !!) - where they will play less loud music (wonder why !!?) - it all got over by 1.15 the dj the tease played - Bluffmaster AB Baby's Come to me song ( the mandatory one hindi number at the shack), followed by a John Denver Jetplane and ended with Lonely lonely ... All in all a fun evening - though i was not a bit high - and we all agreed however much we may grumble about the Shack - it always rocks

P.S. Watched Bali & Shambu a play at Prithvi with my parents. Quite nice. The poignant old age home theme - and regrets of unreconciled differences comoflagued with surface humour.


closetalk said...

hehehe... i remember only too well the "i dont care, u two decide, but i hate any suggestions made by you" routine...!
glad u guys had a blast. as for me, while i was not very excited abt V's at the beginning, Boy and I had a GREAT time, sat night. *sigh*

aparna said...

dear v shud have gone.
guppie- oh u elbowed him.....
btw i had wud have no idea wat clm stood for if u had not wriiten the full from in brackets

v said...

...what is this? papads et u got into a fight - well almost...hmmph...nice. would've loved to see u get into one. wonder why r and k stopped you? how boring!

aristera says said...

how come you get to be hero?
huh? say nice things about us too.
but like r pointed out, its always good to read about something we did together- how different people present it differently. but i had a BLAST.