Thursday, January 19, 2006


6 dates in 2 weeks - thats the tally for the young pianist unleashed on the bombay scene. From his first kiss a little more than six months back to this - not bad. But 6 dates w/o getting to first base - reminds me of myself and how I used to scoff when friends told me 4 years back that sex was a necessary lubricant (no pun intended) for gay relationships ! He is sweet, arrogant and idealistic - someone is too verni, others too sedate, others too ... I wish him good luck and hope tonight proves to be different - he has gone a long way for this one.

I realised I haven't been to as many dates in the last 2 years. But P asked me - what about random hookups or party pickups they surely must be more than dates ? I said vehemently NO ! But why did I not meet some of them for a date ? Well it just didn't seem right. And anyways people whom you would like to date - are not interested - so whats a man to do.


Anonymous said...

the pianist has the best ally. youth. he can afford to be arrogant. ganymede wasnt humble. zeus fucked him. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Ill date ya :P the best part me in Mumbai too :))

a guppie said...

well it would help if i knew who wanted to date me ;(