Sunday, March 19, 2006

Current Affairs

holi :-( sat at home, the plans didn't work out ... But am happy the fact that I felt the need just renconfirmed the bonds which I have been able to form with the gang.

Was discussing with a friend it is no nice to have a break mid-week. The week suddenly looks so small. But would I exchange the two day weekend for a Wed & Sun option - no way.

Went to Mad o Wot with P - he got a really radical but extremely nice haircut. Lets hope his office reaction is not very hostile - the cut really suits him. Sapna was v friendly and we chatted and she was talking abt here difficulty in getting a place given her live in relationship and her huge tattoos. Loved her attitude - totally kickass. She has promised that she will do something nice with my hair but I need to grow it for a month. The place where her salon is totally rocking and would be awesome to stay in - can imagine the down stairs as hall & kitchen and upstairs as bedroom overlooking the sea. But that ain't likely to happen so ...

Swimming in the Monsoon Sea - another Selvadurai - his books are very similar but very nice reads. I must be one of the few ppl who preferred Cinnamon Gardens to Funny Boy. This book is a subtle and with the backdrop of Othello. Looks ripe to be converted to a movie - A Bollywood movie based on it - sigh !
A line which is so relatable - "After a while, so much heat had spread through Amrith's body that he seemed to be burning up with a fever" - for the context read the book.

Saw a few movies - a documentary like movie on gay guys in Maghreb (Morocco etc) a big theme being that being a top is ok and only the "bottom" guys are derided and looked down upon, Elizabethtown (Cameron Crowe, Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst) breezy nice but a let down given the credits and 2046 (Wong Kar Wai) haunting beautiful (reminded me a lot of Brokeback in terms of long periods of silence).

Worked most of the sunday morning (9-12) - cleared my inbox - still had some more to do but decided its ok. This week is going to be quite hectic need to get a lot done.

Finally on a diet - one day at a time - deviation 100 odd calories in 24 hrs. I am going out today to a friends place and am supposed to take my team out tom - need to find a way to manage - no non-veg this week is the real block - else I could have had grilled fish.

Just seeing Hottest 40 over 40 - awesome the way this people look wow
INXS new video with the new lead - so HOT


aparna said...

the neW hot lead in INXS is J.D.
how much do they charge for haircut at mad o wot???where is the excat location of this salon???

Wild Reeds said...

Found Selvadurai's singsong, stilted style to be an asset in Funny Boy, a hindrance in Cinnamon. Wonder why he confines himself to gay themes.

aristera says said...

the scale of 'funny boy' appealed to me. it was simple in that sense. 'cinnamon garden' was definitely more mature but too large a scale, if you know what i mean. selvadurai is one of the few queer writer i really like. infact i was just thinking that it would make a good film. visually too.

GrasshopperBoy said...

how did u manage to get hold of 2046? i've been searching for it for quite a long time.

Sex and the City said...

Guppie: Holi...Next year. All of us. My place. We will have a blast and do all that we wanted to this year but could not.

I also picked up "Swimming in the Monsoon Sea" last night and way into 100 odd pages. I love the book. Brilliantly written.

What sort of a movie is this? - Now we also have the top/bottom hierarchy. Ridiculous!!

WR: I don't think he confines himself to a theme per se, however he does make it a point that somewhere down the line, coming of age is represented through a sexual awakening of sorts. I absolutely love "Swimming in the Monsoon Sea". Very different from the earlier two.

Aris : Touche!! Muah Muah and all that

Grasshopper: The VCD is out as well.

a guppie said...

aparna - u need go further down the road from joggers and its right there as to cost not sure

grasshopper - 2046 is available in most dvd libraries

Emily - hope so

nik said...

wherezz d exact location of this salon....mad-o-wot???

Anonymous said...

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