Sunday, March 26, 2006

A friend

A friend is v confused i think. he isn't sure he is gay or bi. Hopes he is bi. Had a relationship with a girl last few months. Was off the scene. He says I was the only gay person he continued to be in touch with. He called me on saturday and asked me if I was going for the party. I said yes and he said he also would like to come. I said cool and that was it. I didn't ask him what happened, why etc. I think he had fun last night. Am glad I dont need to go thru this dilemma.

p.s. Syriana, Being Cyrus back to back - this year has really been awesome for movies if u add
Crash & Brokeback

p.p.s. finding it xtremely hard to look for houses in this really really hectic time at work


Wild Reeds said...

so what did you think of Syriana?

a guppie said...

awesome, deft editing, excellent acting though predictable in some ways. Underestand most of the geopolitical / economic implications and hence it was pretty simple for me to follow. Read Good Muslim, Bad Muslim ...