Sunday, March 05, 2006

Snippets in my mind

Because you're mine, I walk the line. Lovely thought, 35 years of togetherness and to die within 4 months of each other. A love story.

Have decided to start calling P Superman - he works in software, is learning French, plays tennis, goes to the gym, learning salsa, plays the piano, acts, does choir stuff, planning to teach engineering students etc etc. My only query to him was - r u enjoying doing all this or are u just doing them to either prove a point or simply because u think u have to.

What is in us that makes us uneasy when someone is very friendly ? Not sure how to react to overtures of a friends confidante - does he just want to be friends or does he want me to join his spiritual group thing or ...

How well do we know the people we call friends ? Someone asked me whether a friend of mine believes in monogamous relationships and I wasn't sure at all what the answer was ?

Waiters at restaurants who follows rules (defined to increase customer satisfaction) but only irritate the clients who expect a personalized experience. We don't want sambhar with dosa - we are happy just having it with coconut chutney.But no the waiter at Dosa Diner insisted that we have it too. And pls guys can we tone down the upsell pitch.

What does one give people who just got engaged - u could take flowers if u were going for the event but post that what do u get them - any his n hers kind of things don't work - finally bought stuff individually for both of them from Tresorie.

Will Brokeback be able to live up to the hype ? Specially with Crash & Walk the line already having pushed the threshold up.

Mainland China - awesome food, nice decor, indifferent service, bad temperature controls (it was like sitting in 10 degrees) really really shitty location - and I thought Location was the most important thing in Retail.

Nobody I like will ever like me.

Desperately need to buy a house - I want to have living space of my own - or even if I rent one will totally do it up. Obscene prices - 9.5-10.5 K per sq ft in Santa Cruz !!

Je suis desole Sis - didnt return your call.

Love lazy sundays - waking up with people in the house in nice - going to for late breakfast at JATC and lazing at Juhu Mocha till 1.30 p.m. Relax at home, small nap , check mail etc. Watch a nice movie - dinner and long walk on Carter Road with a friend.

Two consecutive nights of playing host is tiring. Unfortunately it also means that I hardly get to talk to too many people.

Why is it so hard to bear rejection ? And what can be worse then letting your fear of rejection stop you from taking the initiative at all.

Nobody has ever send me flowers.

How does one deal with the situation when your best friend loses a parent ?

Whats in the air ? Everyone seems to be having work issues - One is struggling with what he wants to do and the implications of those choices on his lifestyle , other is trying to find a better / higher paying one, for others looking for more appreciation and growth and pondering the question am I as good as I think I am ?, one is trying to balance independence & stability, ego & PR needed, one is doing something in which is heart is not there but he has already made a commitment and finally someone who is seeking ways to release their own potential from the shackels of family business.

Nice saturday too - Shopping in Tresorie, lunch at Mailnland China, haircut at Frank Provost, grocery shopping at SPAR, chatting with a friend at home, Soup & Salad at JATC and finally a nice and really successful (my impression) house party (maybe will write a post about it).


Wild Reeds said...

Whoa whoa whoa... a week's blogging in 1 post?!

Highly-friendly acquaintances: Be warm, often they're new to your social scene and need the initial effusiveness. They usually plateau out later, but never forget your initial reaching-out to them.

Waiters: I feel really sad for the coffee-day boys when they come into JATC and show those coffee-dabbas around, and some Arriviste Kaur flicks her hand and waves him off like a beggar.

Knowing friends: We don't. At least not entirely. But see it's like a wall made up of window squares looking out at a scenery. Each time you interact you get to see through one. Maybe after a few years you can competently describe the landscape.

Oscars: I'm so happy Seymour won actor for Capote. And the Crash-Brokeback combo for film-direction. Also Ang Lee's acceptance speech dedicating it to all gay men and women whose love has been denied by society.

Wild Reeds said...

"Nobody I like will ever like me":
Not true. Bound to happen sometime soon.

All the best for house search. Hopefully continue to live near me...meaow...

Rejection is terrible. Whether from a potential partner or a biz school you set your heart on.
What I did for the latter is grieve. I cried, I felt shocked, I reached out to my mom and close friends and shared my sense of humiliation, of life passing me by, of how much it meant to me. Once I was bottomed out, I could start with a fresh slate. Back to the clogged-attic analogy I gave you once - don't let regrets clog up the attic of your emotional house.

Lost parent of best friend: Go meet him/her in person. Just be there. For a week at least, over the phone. Don't worry about "what's a good time".

Your house party was lovely. As I said to Rajat, "What are we celebrating today, World Cute-Boy day?"

F-cubed said...

Grocery shopping at Spar. Did that earlier in the week because I realised that would be my last (and perhaps only) option of being able to buy mascapone cheese.

For the rest I prefer to pick up my regular stuff at Shoprite. Huge variety and well laid out.

a guppie said...

wild reeds - not a weeks blogging - just the weekend baggage.

Anonymous said...

am scared to ask which of these is me...

Sex and the City said...

Cest la vie guppie....thats the way life is. i am reminded of the pet shop boys song...u are a darling and if anyone rejects u then they are the losers...muah muah and all that. this is not to make u feel nice but for once give yourself a break...u are super duper

a guppie said...

K - is it that cryptic ?

Emily - just put down various thoughts which did the rounds of my mind at different times this weekend - as R put it the jaberrings of my mind - but thanks for the concern